I received my Ph.D. in Psychology in 1982 from the University of Windsor. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology with a minor in business from Tulsa University (1975).

I am currently President of both Behavioral Health Specialists, a multi-specialty group of psychologists and therapists, and the founder of Corporate Consulting. As a part of Corporate Consulting, I routinely consult with executives from locally based businesses through the Saint Luke’s Executive Health Management Program. I have consulted with executives in that program for 15 years.

My business background includes teaching Industrial/Organizational Psychology classes and offering consultations with local business owners regarding management and employee development for two years while in graduate school. Starting in 1991, I began an eleven year period of increasing administrative and leadership responsibility within the Saint Luke’s Health System. In this position I was responsible for approximately 60 FTE’s including professional staff and office/support staff. My work included supervision of clinical staff, expansion of clinics and clinic services, recruitment of staff, leading culture change (primarily focused on increasing entrepreneurial efforts of professional staff), and coordination of all these efforts within a larger, evolving health care system. As a part of my focus on entrepreneurial development and my growing interest in the performance of individuals within an organization, I went through a multi-year training program offered by TGCP (

My training in management and organization development occurred formally both in graduate school and with TGCP (where I have been a principal since 2000). My experience as both a leader and manager with the Saint Luke’s Health System allowed me to participate in numerous additional formal developmental trainings, but more importantly, allowed me to experience and struggle with the real world difficulties faced by managers, leaders and organizations dealing with the challenges of business and life.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds including construction, engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, investments, and food services. I have worked with individuals from companies such as Sprint, American Century, Aquila, Burns & McDonnell, Terracon, Dairy Farmers of America, and American Ingredients as well as numerous small family owned businesses.

I have most often been sought out for what I would describe as “Derailment Prevention” services. This has typically involved working with a talented but under-performing key employee. The perception within the organization is that this individual’s performance is now, or shortly will be, career threatening. Common problems experienced by these individuals include; individuals who feel they have lost control of a sense of “balance” in their lives and need to regain that feeling, individuals who face challenges that their previous skills are not suited to handle, individuals who are having difficulty adjusting to a changed work environment, and others who unintentionally are creating problems for themselves as a result of their own behavior.

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